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The Sky's The Limit

The Sky's The Limit

The Sky's The LimitThe Sky's The LimitThe Sky's The Limit

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Camille Hurtado, Property Owner

 My experience with Bemidji Property Management (BPM) managing my rental has been wonderful. BPM works quickly to fill vacancies and they have found tenants who are respectful of property and timely with rent payments. When repairs are needed, BPM has acted immediately to resolve issues for the benefit of tenants and for the preservation of the property. BPM returns calls and notifies me promptly when there is a matter that needs to be addressed. BPM staff have been professional, efficient and all around awesome to work with.  

Jim Rivas, Tenant

  Barbara Raymond and Bemidji Property Management was the Manager/Landlord of a larger house property I rented in the Bemidji Area. The property presented some unique challenges, and yet from the day I moved in, Barbara and her team were responsive, courteous, and very helpful. When normal problems occurred with the property, it was fixed promptly. Bemidji Property Management was actually preemptive in their actions and approach to maintenance. I really appreciate their "no-nonsense" approach to property management, and would highly recommend them if you are looking for a firm to manage your property and/or looking for a place to rent."   

Rayna Guzman, Tenant

Bemidji Property Management has been great to me and my family.  Whenever we have had issues BPM has been right there to help us as much as possible.  Whenever there's a problem, we have a conversation and figure out a plan that works in everyone's favor.  They're very helpful with everything and very friendly. The process of renting is simple yet thorough. Its been great renting from them.